Hope! As HIV drug passes first test.

  HIV AIDS could be curable as a drug for it past first stage by Israeli researchers .

What men should do after sex

Sex is one of the sweetest things in a relationship,and it's inevitable in the life of a man.

Means to alter the bad effect of constant sitting.

 Sitting down for long whether at home,  in the office,cars or occasions may deteriorate your health.

Daily low dose of aspirin causes overweight

A new study has shown that Aspirin  has no  benefit to users of low dose except to heart problem patients.

Man loses nose, hands and feet to dogs and cats infections

 The love for domestic dog and cat  may end as soon as possible over fear of diseases as man loses hands and feet.

Chemically-induced ripe fruits is bad to your health

 Fruits whose ripening are enhanced by chemical can be injurious to your health, experts have warned.

Singing keeps heart healthy.

Do you know that singing keep your heart healthy and provide many other benefits to you?

No little amount of cigarettes is recommendable.

A large BMJ study suggest that smokers need to completely quit smoking rather than reducing it to significantly reduce heart relate diseases.

Bottled water contains plastic particles.

       A test has shown that most bottled water contain tiny plastic particles.

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