A study has shown that Aspirin could cure erectile dysfunction.

According to a new study, just as little as 100mg pill a day for six weeks can reduced significantly circulation issued in men.

Some myths about exercise.

There ha been some erroneous believe of adverse effects of exercise on knee, especially

Fruit juices as bad as sugary drinks-researcher

Two medical researchers writing in one of The Lancet journals argue that because of its high sugar content , fruit juice could be just as bad for us as sugar-sweetened beverages like carbonated drinks and sodas .

Could this be the end of neurodegenerative diseases after breakthrough in Huntington?

Defect causing Huntington disease may have been corrected in a patient for the first time according to BBC.

This vegetables have great benefits.

Are you a vegetables lover and perhaps

The health benefits of wheat

Wheat has the natural ability to

Haemorrhage and sight loss

Eyes is known to be one the most important sense organs,without it the whole body is presumed to be in the dark .

Mobile phone and brain cancer

Do mobile phones really cause brain cancer? This is a question that has left researchers baffled for sometime now.
It is a question any mobile phone user would wish to get answers to and researchers do offer some clues.

Man with 19-inch manhood desperately seek the right woman.

A fifty-four-year-old Mexican, Roberto Esquivel Cabrera has been identified as having the world longest penis ever.

Advice for men

Low sperm count is one of the major reasons of men inability to impregnate their wives.

Curtailing sugar related issues.

As sugar related illnesses increase at alarming rate,the Australian State of New South Wales’ health department announced on

A man whose skin is as thick as bark of a tree-psoriasis

A Chinese man whose skin is as thick as bark of a


I don't want to think there is anyone who does not know how

Bed bugs and their effect on host.

I know those who experience bed bugs bite Must have been wondering the effects of the bite in them health wise. 

Grey hair sign of heart disease – Researchers

A recent study links grey hair in men to an increased risk of heart disease .